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Testimonials from Terry Larder's clients

I have been a client of Terry Larder's for the last fifteen years. Terry is an empathetic, highly knowledgeable and experienced kinesiologist. Her warm and reassuring manner ensures you feel at ease during consultations and her professionalism and expertise enables you to receive the best possible outcome for assessment and addressing your condition.

My consultations with Terry have been invaluable in helping me to manage a long term chronic condition. Terry was able to address the underlying issues of my condition and by following dietary and supplementary advice, my symptoms have been alleviated.

Likewise, my two young adopted children have benefitted enormously from Terry's treatment and remedies, in helping them to cope with the effects that early trauma, separation and loss have had on their development.

I thoroughly recommend Terry as a practitioner. I am truly grateful to her for the help and support she has given me and my family.

Sharon N.

I've lost 2 stone since I started coming to see you so THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for enableing me to make informed decisions about what my body does and does not like

Sam B.