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About us

Terry Larder has been a natural healthcare practitioner for 30 years and has helped more than five thousand people in that time with many disorders. She also is director of the Classical Kinesiology Institute teaching people to become naturopathic kinesiologists. She has lectured countrywide and internationally in Japan and the USA and appeared in the national media and on breakfast TV. She is a former chair of the Kinesiology Federation Policy Board - the professional body for kinesiologists and has been involved with the General Naturopathic Council, the voluntary regulatory body for naturopathic medicine.

She is a member of four professional bodies:
The Kinesiology Federation (KFRP ADV)
The Association of Systematic Kinesiology ( Dip.ASK)
The International Association of Specialised Kinesiologists (IASK)
The Naturopathic Nutrition Association (Associate member)

She also has a website dedicated to Nature's Sunshine Supplements, one of the chief suppliers of wildcrafted organic supplements that she uses in clinic.