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Is There Any Risk to Taking Natural Health Supplements?

posted on 12 July 2012 | posted in Articles

There has been a lot of media talk and European legislation that has curtailed or criticized natural medicine of late despite the fact that it has been used for thousands of years. The main reason that's given by detractors is that they have not been proved to be safe. Is this founded?

UK data issued by the government and EU shows that the risk of dying from medical injury whilst in hospital is as risky as service men and women in active service being killed. In relationship to these figures, where does taking natural medicines come? The risk is around 300,000 times greater than the risk of death from taking natural health supplements. The Alliance for Natural Health commissioned an independent study of UK data as a risk of death assessment. The data was collated and presented by risk management consultant Ron Law who is based in New Zealand. Look at the charts and the details here.


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