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Post Graduate Training in Kinesiology for Existing Healthcare Practitioners

posted on 16 February 2016 | posted in Special Announcements

Muscle Response Testing - Kinesiology
Whether you are a qualified nutritionist, homoeopath, personal trainer, reflexologist, or trained in any other modality, you would find learning how to use muscle testing response with your client will greatly enhance your existing skills.

Terry Larder is director of the Classical Kinesiology Institute and offers short courses of comprehensive training in muscle testing skills for trained therapists in other fields.

Topics include:
  • Accurate muscle testing
  • Checking for the right kind of foods/supplements/herbs that would benefit a client and which might prove to be a hindrance to recovery from health problems.
  • Simple ways to help your clients resolve emotional issues using muscle testing techniques to identify what is the most important issue etc.
  • Much more.....
Classical Kinesiology Institute
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